3 Simple Moves to Expand Your Power in Small Business Arena

Business, at one point, is all about the proper distribution of power. Whenever a business rapidly expands, it simply means that the entrepreneur applied different power tactics. If you want to see the dynamics of power at work, the small business arena is a good testing ground. Volatility is high in the small business arena. Every day, scores of businesses close down due to many challenges. The best way to prevent the early death of your business is to expand your power. Do you know that you can expand business power in few simple moves?

Do Favors for Your Network

Favors have been around for hundreds of years already. The proper implementation of favors led to the rise of many businesses worldwide. In the modern times, favors are still very much applicable, though the process can be tricky. As you sling favors, you must remember that not all of them will return. Select the favors that you can spare and choose who will receive them. With proper favors, your business can gain respect.

Plant ‘Seeds of Thought’

If favors can build respect, seeds of thought can help you get in the minds of people (customers, specifically). Basically, seeds of thoughts are ideas, beliefs, and any psychological tactics that have worked over the years. Be careful in planting these seeds – people have become more receptive than ever.

Rely on Emotion Strategies

Emotions drive the business world. Without emotions, consumers won’t know when to make a purchase. They will just drift, and businesses won’t grow. Consider emotions as resources that you can tap. What emotions can be evoked by your brand? Do your customers feel homely with your business message? Manage emotional aspects well and your business can gain a strong edge.


These moves may be simple, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to invest hard work. Consistency is the key to make these ‘power moves’ work, and you also need to have a rain check of the market. Also, keep your playbook stocked with modern business strategies – you’ll always need an ace in your sleeve.