3 Advantages of Being Bossy in the Workplace

Office workers tend to view bossy people in contemptuous light. They believe that bossiness can damage relationships and lead to massive productivity drop. While this is true at one point, you can reap some potential benefits if you are bossy. Just remember to be careful in doing so; earning the ire of your co-workers will foil your grand plan in climbing the office ladder.


You Can Partly Influence People

While not a strong influence factor, bossiness can make an impact. Unfortunately, people often see the negative impacts of bossiness, not the positive ones. People react whenever they think they’ve been pushed around – this is a signal for influence tactics. Be bossy, but find means to praise other people’s work. With this, you can build a small power base.


It’s a Start in Leadership

Bossy people have about 59% chance of being promoted in the workplace. The percentage varies, but it’s still accountable. If you are bossy, you’re in for a good start, but don’t come up with too many expectations. The management will probably see your leadership aura and consider you for any open positions someday.


Good Bossiness Factor Leads to Positivity

A good bossiness factor is an initiative that often leads to a circle of positivity in the workplace. Rather than putting your agendas upfront, learn to balance the needs of your co-workers. Be an imposing colleague, but shower good graces once in a while. Lend a helping hand whenever someone’s in trouble and people will look up to you. Also, you should consider yourself a deal broker. Trade tasks if possible and gather information from your colleagues.

Now that you know the advantages, you should start working on your career. If ever you encounter other bossy career builders, just smile and move on. Then plan really, really hard. Consider all your options and devise new ways to attain success.